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The Ant and the Grasshopper

Bran Muffins

Bread: The Half-Baked Truth

Brushing Hair

Bug Tricks

Car for Sale

Center of the Bible   This is a pop-up. Just close the window when you are finished. Powerpoint is required to view this.

The Chase

DHMO: A Dangerous Material

The Amazing Discovery


Fun Math Problem

Going Home on Friday

Going to Work on Monday


How to Pay for a War

Hungry Baby

Kids Dancing

The Kite


Mental Health Hotline


My Baby Picture

Perfect Radionics Device

Most Effective Medication


Shopping for Husbands

Season's Greetings

Spy Technology

Store Wars  Comming to a supermarket near you.

Tax Cuts

Tee Shirt

Tell me again why I lost my job?

Seven Wonders of the World

Wife Call

Yogi Berra: Collected Sayings