My Favorite Frequency and other Health Related Electronic Equipment

I have owned, used, built, worked on, repaired or otherwise experienced most of the kinds of equipment that are out there. There are many kinds of devices that do a good job of making and applying frequencies.

Amateur radio ("ham radio") operators often sit near equipment producing radio frequency fields. I know a bit about this because I was active in this field in my younger days. In 1988 it was reported that researchers found a significant association between being a licensed ham radio operator and increased death rate from certain cancers such as leukemia, multiple myeloma and prostate cancer. There was a 24% increase in leukemia and a 15% increase in prostate cancer. And of course many with licenses do not spend much or even any time in high radio frequency fields. Some years ago I abandoned the use of equipment that either broadcasts a powerful radio frequency carrier or that applies a high voltage amplified radio frequency carrier to the skin. By high voltage, I mean 100 volts or so.

This mainly leaves us with EMEM type of equipment used in a radiant mode, low voltage contact equipment, and magnetic coil equipment.

Finding the needed frequencies has always been the most difficult part of frequency work. Frequencies from lists may or may not do what we would like them to do. So my favorite for several years has been the F-SCAN. It does a great job of finding frequencies and then applying them. Results have been far beyond what we could achieve with other equipment. The current version is the FSCAN2.

Another favorite piece of equipment is the four frequency zapper. The original idea came from Dr. James Overman. He designed a zapper that produced four frequencies and mixed them at the output. He calls his great little unit the Harmonic Quad.

We carried the idea one step further. All square waves contain odd harmonics. For example, a 100Hz square wave also contains 300Hz, 500Hz and so on. If the square wave is stretched so that it is on more than 60% of the time (60%+ duty cycle), it will produce even harmonics too. The Harmonic Generator is our four frequency zapper that uses a 65% duty cycle. It produces very interesting waveforms as you can see if you click on the link.

For those tho know what frequencies they want to run, the F165 is a good choice. This comes with hand cylinders and there are hundreds of programs available for it.

Radionics is a cousin to homeopathy. Thousands of homeopathic like patterns can be imprinted on water or supplements with the Radionics Activator.

And for those who want to experiment with high voltage negative static electricity, I have found the Static Gen II to have very beneficial effects.