Harmonic Generator


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The Harmonic Generator is built along the lines of standard zappers except that it makes 4 separate specific frequencies at the same time. The 4 frequencies are pre-tuned and no dialing or setting of frequencies is needed. One of the frequencies is approximately 1 megahertz and acts as a radio frequency carrier. It operates from two standard 9 volt batteries or the included wall transformer.

For you technical types, the square waves have duty cycles that are greater than 60% which causes the unit to generate twice the harmonics of square waves of 50%. You can see from the oscilloscope picture that it makes interesting wave forms. Every range up to radio frequencies has similar but varying patterns.

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The voltage is low, in the neighborhood of 9-12 volts depending on the power source. It is low enough so that it will not harm people, but people with implanted electronic equipment such as heart pacers should not use this equipment without checking with their physician first.

This equipment is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition or disease.

There is a two year parts and labor warranty.

The $395 price includes shipping in the USA. Please call us at 206-244-1383 for shipping charges to other locations.

Harmonic Generator Free foot tub included! $395.00

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