The violet ray device has a long history with many reports of benefits - everything from growing hair to killing pathogens. It is a small Tesla coil with various glass tubes that can attach to it. It is a distant cousin of the Rife machines and frequency is not controlable by the user.

Here are some construction details for making your own variable frequency violet ray/Rife device using a Radio Shack audio amplifier and an automotive ignition coil for the high voltage. The frequency range will be 0-10,000 Hz or higher. The the person who sent me this diagram had Rocky Mountain spotted fever. She was very ill and had not been able to get over it using the other devices that she had. This unit cleared up the problem in a short time.

The original builder of this unit used a Radio Shack MPA 50 amplifier, a B&K-4011 frequency generator and a violet ray bulb. Radio Shack no longer lists an MPA 50 but the 32-2054 has the same 40 watt output. Instead of the 4011, I would get a 4040 because of its 20 MHz capability as a stand-alone contact device. I would put the ignition coil in an enclosure with the high voltage lead coming out of the box in the form of a length of copper spark plug wire. It will be necessary to make an insulated holder for the violet ray bulb. If you use an Enhancer bulb, it comes with an insulated wire. Just run that into the box. You can also push a spark plug into the end of the coil and attach the output wire to the threads. Set the gap to about .008. This will increase the effectiveness and turn the unit into a kind of multiwave oscillator (MWO).

A standard violet ray tube can be used with this circuit. If it is, the output of the amplifier can sometimes be turned all the way up. With an enhancer bulb, the power produced is much greater and it usually cannot be turned all the way up. If other bulbs are used, such as the phanotron, it is also necessary to insulate the contact that is not used.

The EMEM3DV and EM7V make use of this technology. They use a Darlington transistor instead of the Radio Shack audio amplifier.

WARNING: This information is intended for research only. If you have a condition that normally requires the services of a physician you are urged to consult one. Those with a heart pacer, irregular heart beat, or are pregnant should consult a phsician before using frequency therapies.