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High Power Magnetic Impulse Experiment - 12/02/97

*** The following file is an anecdotal account from a party who wishes to remain anonymous. It is purely for entertainment and in no way is it being recommended as a treatment. See a qualified medical practitioner if you have medical problems. ***

Got an interesting call the other day from a fellow who had been suffering from a hiatal hernia. He said this caused a kind of acid reflux which gave him pain after eating. The temporary solution was to take $3.00 capsules which would alleviate the pain for a brief period. After reading about the work of Gianni Dotto and several other files on high density magnetic fields, this fellow decided to try an experiment.

As I understood it, high density magnetic flux lines when pulsed near the body will induce a higher electrical potential in the cells. Based on this, a length of #9 solid core insulated copper wire was wrapped around the subject's chest area. This wire was connected through an off-the- shelf automobile STARTER SOLENOID. The starter solenoid was connected to a 12VDC deep cycle marine battery.

The idea was to use the starter solenoid as a momentary switch. When the battery current rushed into the coil of wire, it would produce a fast rising high density magnetic current that would fully saturate tissue within the coil. The North end of this coil should be at the top end of the body, the South at the lower section of the body.

It was estimated that an approximately 2000 ampere current at 12VDC was sent through the coil.

Our anonymous friend reports an IMMEDIATE cessation of pain with no recurrence of the reflux problem. He went on to zap himself a few more times for good measure and each time he felt better and more energetic.

This information was passed to another fellow who suffered from a bone injury in his arm from a Viet Nam incident. He zapped himself with the arrangement and reported instant cessation of pain after years of discomfort. In addition, he said his weak arm which had the bone condition was now much stronger than his 'good' arm.

The recounter of this story says he thinks the high intensity magnetic impulse causes the DNA to constrict momentarily. I don't see how this would alleviate pain in itself and at this time there is evidence for why the pain goes away.

Dr. Pappas has patented a similar technique and has an idea of why it works, see the Pappas Pain Control Device at the bottom of this file for more detail. Bob Beck also has a magnetic impulse version of his HIV Blood Neutralizer circuit that is intended to clear the lymph nodes. It is also listed at the bottom of this file.

Quite a novel story which the anonymous reporter swears is true, at least he said it worked for him and his friend. I think the beauty of it is the pure redneck experimenter attitude, using off-the-shelf components in a simple configuration to produce results.

Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 09:24:03 -0500 From: Anonymous (private experimenter) Subject: My Experience in Bio-Magnetics... To: Jerry Decker

Hi Jerry,

Another "experimenter" asked me to do some more work with Bio-Magnetics. Specifically, magnets to ease pain....being my elder he suffers more joint pain than I do, but I have my share also.

He has been using ferrous magnets to ease hand and wrist pain. I too, suffer the old keyboard syndrome. On returning home, I dug out some of the magnets I was using on my Newman's o/u machine and tried placing them close to my wrist. After some hours the pain did seem to subside somewhat.....

Being a student of instant gratification, I began looking for a faster way. I dug up one of the Thumpers I built some months ago and tried that. Not much change. (not instantaneously anyway...) Then it occurred that I might try the Radio Shack audio tape degausser I had in my shop.


Almost instant and sustained relief.... Not to be fooled by psychosomatic relief, I waited till the next day to retry. To my surprise I awoke with almost no pain. Later, when the pain became noticeable, I applied the degausser again. Same positive results.

My wife suffers severe hip pain in the evenings and I talked her into trying it out before bedtime.....Yep....not total, but, to quote her, "about one tenth of the pain it had been." Next day my shoulders began hurting due to long hours at the desk and I tried an old TV CRT degausser. Same results...

Instant and sustained pain relief. The wife (now believing that I'm not as crazy as she had thought) asked to have the audio degausser applied to her shoulder, which had been quite painful for several days..... Once again, instant relief which lasted all day and didn't came back. I am offering this to anyone who would like to try it and see if it works as well for them......

'I have an old neighbor that is 82 and active and arthritis free.. He had diagnosed with arthritis in his 50's when he was still working and was about to be forced to retire, because of the pain and swelling of joints..On a fishing trip to Canada, his last he felt he would ever be able to take, he was struck by lightning that hit the ground about 20 foot in front of him and rendered him unconscious.. He only remembers the "Buzzing' sound of high voltage electricity.. His friends shook him and applied CPR and he awakened and stood up and stood there swinging his arms and dancing on his lags and his friends asked him what he was doing , and he said that all the pain was gone.. He said he felt a little numb all over his body and After 3 days all the joint swelling was gone and he has "never" been bothered with Arthritis since.. After telling his Dr what had happened, the Dr laughed and said there was no way the lightning could have caused the obvious remission of his arthritis. He said it was a delayed reaction to the medication he had taken.. "HAH" I want to also say.

I have now built the, (Lightning In A Box as it was called), 12 volt car battery with the wound coils of #9 wire and tested it on my wife's arthritis yesterday and she has had relief for the first time in 5 years of the pain without using "Vicodin" as a pain reliever.. Pain went fro a 10 to a 2 on the pain indicator scale .. Thank God for Chris posting this data in a previous letter on the site.. If anyone wishies to know how I made up the size of the wire "I" used, #9 (wire is available, in only #8 and #10) and the length of the wire and the size of he coils, then post me off list, unless Chris wants it on list , and I will send the data.. be Well and prosper and thank you Chris for this website.. Allan D 11/22/03

Robb: I have used the pulser for over a week now and of course it warms up.. This is why one has to "Quickly" pulse the coil and not hold the current on , cause then it will get hot and if held on long enough it will melt the wire.. I would guess about 10 seconds should do that of full on , no release current..

The benefit that is gotten is not in holding it on till one hurt themselves but in the rapid rise and fall of the magnetic field which is a high gauss amplitude. A coil could be made that never heated up , but the cost and weight would be prohibitive.. When using it on my wife I usually never exceed 50 to 75 quick pulses and the coil gets only slightly warm.. The pain relief has been very gratifying.. No miracles but a continuing lessening of the joint pain.. That was my hope and it has so far, not let us down..

The diameter of the coil is an oblong shape of 17 inches by 14 inches and can be used from the feet all the way up the body to the shoulders..It is close wound and bundled and tape wrapped.. It is about 1 inch thick.. It will deflect a compass needle 2 feet away from the coil when it is pulsed.. Far exceeds any Mag pulser I know of personally.. There may be stronger out there but I will wager not for the cost of making one of these.. Tis that old axiom --If it ain't broke don't fix or change it.. You might tweak it as we do with the ziller and it has gotten better as well.. Be Well and Prosper..Allan D 11/25/03

Coil is 17 inches diameter internal and as well as I remember before I wrapped it there were 12 turns and my wife has osteoarthritis .. Her hip joint is Bone to bone and her knees are not good as well.. Be Well and prosper..Allan D 11/25/03

HI All..........well, I've cured everyone's aches and pains in my family except mine.....(lyme).......however I have noticed a reduction in pain and I've been able to reduce my motrin intake.....cut in half.....this is actually great success and has been my immediate goal for a I'm building the device on the jag website.....I've been building mag pulsers for a while now , but never thought of wrapping the wire on my arm or leg.......I'm a piano player and I would love to be able to totally kill the beasts in my wrists....... I can still play, but I can't completely enjoy it because of big coil device (using the car battery) is a beast!! will screw up a computer screen from across the room........(about 8 feet)....maybe after prolonged use it will be even more effective..??.......we shall see.........Robb 11/28

Dear Group,

I've been really serious with my investigations into the uses of this device. with the help of an electronics engineer, I have determined that the coil should be made from 250 feet of wire if you are using 10 gauge (single strand). I have also made 2 other smaller coils using 12 gauge multi strand wire......each one using 100 feet each (or more). I am now using two batteries in series equaling a voltage of 24. The best button I have found for using this device so far is a "horn" button which I bought at walmart for 3.96. Actually each of my coils have their own button and it works VERY well. You can tap it for the shortest and fastest pulses. As for the effectiveness of the coil, I have spent thousands of dollars on gadgets and gizmos and supplements to try to get rid of this dreaded lyme and nothing has worked. There is something totally different about this device. The stronger I make it, the better it works. I am having the most severe herx symptoms that I have EVER had......this is the first time that I've felt bad enough from die-off to want to stop treatment but that is exactly what I did today........I was pale, and lethargic and in alot of pain from dead pathogens in my joints and blood........but I spent the whole day smiling because I've NEVER been this successful. My wrist coils (because that is one of the first places I want to clear of this disease) are doing their job and both wrists were on fire today from the fact I'm probably over-doing it a little.....but I had no idea it would be so effective......... I am also very excited because of what this could mean and do for some of the rest of you.....Lyme is notorious for being hard to kill......and this is killing it for sure.........hep-c isn't hard to kill.....but is very hard to reach........this may be the answer!!.........

I really feel this is the answer for many of us........This is the FIRST electric device that has been effective for me.......I've never doubted that I would find the answer but I didn't think it would be this.......I have every confidence that steadfast use of this coil will help me kill the beast............

By the seems that taking something like grapefruit seed extract while you are doing this coil treatment.....they seem to compliment each other very much......................More later when I know more!!.........Robb 12/1/03

You must use a solenoid.......the button is what triggers it.....and the coil wasn't 400 but 250 the coil is very very thick and a little heavy......but it hardly heats up at all...........I have two concerns with others using the device........first....for people with advanced debilitating diseases......the coil may be too heavy and they might need help.......2nd......for people in advanced stage may be too easy to over toxify your body.....if someone would have told me to start with 1 pulse.....I wouldn't have listened.....but 1 pulse may be too much for very advanced diseases......maybe I'm any really would be easy to over-do it..............each horn button connects to battery and isn't necessary to have more than one button ..thats just what I did..........I'm sure someone will come up with an even better button or switch......I'm all should also be noted that there is an advantage to using the smallest coil {in diameter} that you can........for instance if the leg is the location of the problem.....then make a coil that just fits around the leg etc.......Robb 12/2/03

Hi there..........haven't had trouble with arcing...but you can see a small flash in total darkness......I keep batts on trickle charge most of the that I am herxing bad I'll unhook the charger until needed..........Please everyone keep in mind this can be potentially dangerous.......if the solenoid sticks.......coil will melt!!! may start......keep away from children...............Robb 12/2/03

(Robb Allen is applying for a patent for this device, so I have removed the diagram at his request.)