People with chonic health issues have some degree of digestive failure. One result of this is that proteins are only partially digested. The result of that is that free individual amino acids are not available for the body to make hormones, enzymes, neurotransmittes, and the materials that the immune system needs. Taking enzymes and betaine HCl may not make up for this lack. Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids should be used at the rate of 2 three times a day on an empty stomach (if possible). So 2 on arising, 2 at 10 am, 2 at 4 pm. Something like that. Experiments have shown that use of these amino acids results in decreased viral loads, and decreased heavy metal loads.

Generous amounts of milk thistle, aswaghanda, and dandelion should be used to protect the liver from damage.

Make sure that the body chemistry is balanced for maximum immune response. Call 1-800-736-4320 for the name of the nearest doctor who can do the testing for you. This has cleared up chronic hepatitis without any other treatment.

The PYRO-ENERGEN produces high voltage negative static electricity. I believe that this is the most effective electronics device for viruses. See material on the PYRO-ENERGEN.

Use a Beck Blood Cleanser for one hour daily. Do not use this unit while taking medications or any material that could harm you if the dose were 20 times higher - caffeine, alcohol, raw garlic, and Chinese herbs for example. This unit causes the cell membranes to open up and admit more materials from the blood than usual. Read all instructions carefully before use.

If Rife equipment is available, the frequencies 166, 224, 317, 329, 528, 633, 929, 930, 931, 932, 933, 1371, and 2189 have been suggested.