Parts List for EMEM2 and EMEM3 7/24/99

Tube:  I have a few of the straight 18" EMEM2 tubes available. 
These can also be made by Robert Randazzo or Barry Allred.
The high pressure phanotron for the EMEM3 can be purchased from
Bill Cheb (780) 465-4960.

Transformer:  Marlin P. Jones (800-652-6733) has the 4 amp 12
volt (6-0-6) stock number 7840-TR.  They also stock the 10 amp
12-0-12 stock number 7846-TR.  The 10 amp model is much larger
and heavier.

Bridge rectifier:  Radio Shack part number 276-1185 is one of
many sources.  Marlin P. Jones (800-652-6733)stock number 5247-BR
is similar.

Filter Capacitors:  Radio Shack has 272-1022 which is 4700uf at
35 volts.

SPST Toggle on-off switch:  Radio Shack, etc.

Fan:  The JDR Microdevices (800-538-5000) stock number MUFFIN-12V
Cooling fan is usually used.

Darlington 2N6059:  JDR (800-538-5000).

Heat Sink for Darlington:  Marlin P. Jones (800-652-6733) stock
number 7951-HS.

Socket for Darlington:  Mouser Electronics (800-346-6873) has
several types of "TO-3" socket.

Heat Sink Compound:  Radio Shack item number 276-1372.

Printed Circuit Board for 555 Circuit:  I have had some of those
made up.

555 Socket:  Radio Shack, etc.

555 Chip:  The quality of 555 chips is a bit of a problem.  We
used to use one from JDR, but those no longer work well in the
EMEM2 or 3 field.  I am currently using a Signetics brand chip
which is good quality.

Potentiometers:  Radio Shack, or JDR (800-538-5000).

Knobs for pots:  Tech America (800-813-0087) stock number 90-
2548.  Radio Shack stores have their catalogues.  They also have
many of the above parts.

Trimmer Pots:  JDR (800-538-5000).  Or Radio Shack 271-342.

Ignition Coil:   NAPA Auto Parts external resistor coil part
number IC12SB.

Spark Plug:  Champion CJ-6.

Tip Jacks:  Mouser Electronics (800-346-6873) also has many of
the above parts.  Tip jacks female that fit the LCM-1950 meter
probes are stock number 530-105-0802-1 (red) and 530-105-0803-1
(black).  Tip plugs (male) that are the same size are 530-155-
0302-1 (red) and 530-155-0303-1 (black).

SPDT Set-Run Switch:  Radio Shack, etc.

25 Watt Resistors:  Tech America (800-813-0087).

Plastic Screen:  WalMart has "7 Mesh Quick Count" in their crafts
section.  The EMEM2 requires one large and one small sheet.  The
EMEM3, one large sheet.

Frequency Meter:  The LCM 1950 reads four digits up to 3999Hz. 
Above that, three digits.  C&S Sales (800-292-7711).

Foam Insulation Tape:  Hardware store.

Misc.  I have not included small parts like hook-up wire, 1/2
watt resistors and capacitors which Radio Shack and the other
electronics parts places have.  Also, various screws are needed. 
Also, for the EMEM2, the hand and foot plates and a strip of
sheet copper 1/2" by 24" are needed.

Have I missed anything?

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