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Taurine (Nutri Spec) 120 capsules

Terminalia Chebula 4 fluid ounces
Concentrated Extract

TF 4 fluid ounces
Thyme herb and fenugreek seed.

Thuja 2 fluid ounces

THY 4 fluid ounces
Wood betony, Irish moss, marshmallow root, cayenne.

Thyroid Tissue (Nutri-pak) 90 tablets

Tooth and Gum Elixir (Uncle Harry's) 1 ounce

Tooth Tonic Plus 2 ounces

Tooth Tonic TTO Plus 2 ounces
This product contains tea tree oil so it is not recommended for men.

Total Probiotics (Nutri-West) 60 Capsules
This is an excellent formula with several strains including L Salivarius

Trace Mineral Drops (Concentrace from Trace Minerals Research) 4 fluid ounces
This ionic trace mineral solution is very concentrated.

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula (4LIfe) 60 capsules
This used to be called "Transfer Factor Advanced".

Tyrosine (Nutri Spec) L-Tyrosine 120 capsules

Ubiquinol QH (Pure Encapsulations) 50 mg, 60 softgel capsules
This is the active form of CoQ10.

Ultra Pure Fish Oil (Vital Nutrients) 100 softgel capsules
180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA. This is our favorite fish oil product. It contains antioxidants rosemary extract and natural tocopherols and natural lemon flavor.

Unique E (AC Grace) 700 mg/400iu 180
Each capsule contains 700 mg of natural Vitamin E concentrate and contains no vegetable oils or other fillers that can go rancid. (I will not sell ordinary E for that reason.) This one costs a bit more, but it is worth it.

UU 4 fluid ounces
Uva ursi, cornsilk, horsetail herb and fennel seed.

Usti (Sanum Pleo Usti) Drops 10 ml

Uva Ursi (Now) 100 capsules

Ut (Sanum Pleo Ut) Drops 5 ml

Ut S (Sanum Pleo Ut S) Drops 5 ml

Vein Lite (Chi's) 120 capsules

Violet Leaves (American Health & Herbs) 2 fl. oz.

WB 4 ounces
Wood Betony

WHG 4 fluid ounces
Hydrangea root, horsetail, eleuthero, astragalus, bugleweed and yellow dock.

Zinc (Zinc Gluconate from NOW) 50 mg 100 tablets