Improving Health of Cancer Patients - September 27, 2016

Richard Loyd, Ph.D.

It is my opinion that in general, cancer is not a medical emergency that requires immediate invasive and toxic interventions. It is a degenerative condition that requires improving of health. There are medical emergencies that require the best medical help you can find. Car accidents with catastrophic injuries or life-threatening burns are examples. In those cases, you need the best emergency room you can find. Cancer can become a medical emergency. If the digestive tract is completely blocked by a tumor so that passage of material is impossible, emergency surgery may be needed. If breathing is becoming impossible due to a tumor blocking the respiratory tract, emergency intervention is appropriate. If a tumor in the brain has grown to the point where there is pressure that is causing damage, surgery may be advisable. It also possible that medical treatment for cancer will cause enough damage that more medical treatment will be required. But in general, cancer is not a condition that requires treatments that actually worsen health.

Many people are trying to recover from cancer with non-toxic therapies. This is an attainable goal and it is often achieved. Patients often spend a lot more money than necessary and take huge numbers of pills, many of which do not have a direct bearing on their problem and may even block progress. More may not be better!

People sometimes tell me that they were perfectly healthy until the cancer suddenly appeared. I point out that they were not really healthy. They had viral infections, toxic metals, parasites, infections in tooth sockets, radiation stress, bowel toxicity, chemical toxicity and possibly mold toxicity. There may have been a metabolic imbalance. In other words, things that cause cancer. The things that have to go away so they can get well.

Anyone with a condition that normally requires the services of a physician is urged to consult one. Ask your physician if this program can be used along side whatever medical treatment you decide on. This is not a "cure" for cancer. It is a method of becoming healthy. If you are considering chemotherapy or radiation, ask your oncologist if the suggested therapy ever cures your kind of cancer. If the answer is "no", then THINK ABOUT THIS! Of those who depend on chemotherapy for survival (in other words, the surgeon "did not get it all"), the five year survival rate is only 2.1%. For some cancers the rate is better, but for some types of cancer, it is 0%.


Does this make you feel like chemotherapy is a cruel fraud in most cases? If you do not get that impression yet, please study the chart some more!

The first 12 items are what I consider to be the most important activities needed to get well.

1. Remove viruses. All cancers are viral conditions. A medical diagnosis will not tell you which virus you have. An extract of papaya leaf, cat's claw, elder, peppermint, black walnut leaves and burdock has been used historically to assist the body in removing carcinoma, sarcoma, leukemia, melanoma and lymphoma viruses. Cat's claw has been used for melanoma. A grape plant extract has been used successfully by an Idaho physician for the viruses. Electronic equipment that produces 11,780,000 will help with the carcinoma virus. For the other viruses, use 11,430,000. It is best to use both. Sweep 300 Hz above and below these high frequencies. Lower octaves at 2876 Hz and 2790.5 Hz will help remove the virus if the source drifts or does .001Hz step sweeps about 0.1 Hz above and below. 727, 2008 and 2128 should also be used and the combination seems to be effective against all the cancer viruses. Work up to an hour or more daily for each. Brain and lung cancer patients must use shorter treatment times at first. If symptoms of toxicity or edema develop, reduce run times. See for leukemia frequencies. High voltage negative static electricity has been reported to help the body reduce virus levels quickly.

It has been discovered that running a single frequency from two separate generators at the same time or running pairs such as 727+728 and 2007+2008 and 2127+2128 at the same time greatly speeds up progress. Running the eleventh harmonic of a frequency also helps. An example would be 1000 plus 11,000 running at the same time.

2. Remove parasites and other pathogens. Para 6 and Rad Balm contain herbs that have been used historically to assist the body in removing parasites. Zappers or frequency equipment can be used. For the human intestinal fluke stages, use 434,000, 432,000, 427,000, 425,000, 423,000 and 421,000 Hz. Or use 1695, 1687, 1668, 1660, 1652 and 1644. Do 3 minutes per frequency. For tapeworms, use the Dr. Clark Tapeworm essential oil formula. Nano TCM contains herbs that have been used historically to help the body remove bacteria, fungi, nanobacteria and mycoplasma.

3. Avoid toxins. It appears that all tumors contain mercury and other metals. To help the body remove toxic metals, use an herbal product that contains bugleweed such as Metal Release. Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids (2, three times a day on an empty stomach) along with a good multivitamin-mineral enables your body to make the proteins that the body uses to carry toxic metals away.

Avoid rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol and shampoos and other cosmetics even if they do not list "prop" materials on the labels. Bottled water and beverages often contain isopropyl alcohol as a contaminant. Use 100 proof vodka or baking soda as your deodorant. Brush your teeth with dluted Tooth Tonic Plus. Use "Miracle II" soap for bathing and use that or "20 Mule Team Borax" solution for shampoo. Use "Miracle II" soap and vinegar for household cleaning. Use "20 Mule Team Borax" along with vinegar in your dish washer and "Miracle II" soap for hand washing dishes. For laundry, "ECOS" Laundry Detergent appears to be safe. Dr. Hulda Clark suggested "Cheer" or "Gain" or "20 Mule Team Borax." "Basic H" and "OxyClean" seem to test ok. Many "natural" and "earth friendly" and "safe" and "biodegradable" cleaning products contain toxic solvents and contaminants. Do not use pesticides or herbicides and avoid toxic manicured lawns including golf courses. If there are no weeds, stay away! Read Hulda Clark for more on toxins. EVEN IF YOU DO EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT, USE OF HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS AND YARD CHEMICALS MAY KILL YOU!

Filter your water. If your water does not have fluoride, a "Brita" filter is fine. For water with fluoride, consider reverse osmosis. Drink water. Divide your weight in pounds by 2. The result is a good number of ounces of pure water to drink per day. If this is an increase for you, ask your physician if there is any reason that you should not drink this much water. Raw homemade vegetable juices count as part of this water. Caffeine, commercial juices or sugary beverages do not.

4. Radiation damage must be corrected. Even dental X-rays cause virus levels to increase rapidly. We use Rad Balm to soothe damaged tissues. The Hazel Parcells salt and soda radiation soak helps. Run a bath tub of water as hot as can be tolerated. Add one pound of baking soda and one pound of salt. Sea salt, Celtic salt, or Real Salt are ideal. Soak in the solution until the water cools off. Do this weekly and more often if there has been significant radiation such as CT scans. A simplified versison of this also works well: Take a tub big enough to hold both feet. Add 1/4 cup of baking soca and 1/4 cup of Epsom salts. Add enough comfortabley hot water to cover the feet. Avoid CT scans and PET scans and insist on magnetic or ultrasound types of scans. It is rather easy for cancer patients to accumulate enough radiation damage that it becomes much more difficult to regain health.

5. Remove mold toxins. About 24% of the population cannot detoxify the mold toxins that they inhale. Their burden of these neurotoxins increases with each mold exposure. Virtually all cars, basements and attached garages produce enough mold to make regaining health difficult. Consider Cholestepure to help remove mold toxins. Certain foot detox patches help. Foot detox tubs where the feet are in separate tubs elp. Use a MMS and Citric Acid or a cold air diffuser with Detox Oil to kill mold in cars and buildings. DEALING WITH MOLD CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH. See for more on mold.

6. Keep elimination working. Take magnesium, psyllium, eat dried prunes, cascara - whatever you have to do. We want all methods of elimination to be working. To clean out impacted material from the colon, ask your doctor if you can take 1 teaspoon of magnesium oxide powder in a glass of water with lemon juice at bedtime. Do this nightly for a week, then weekly, or as needed. The magnesium pulls water in through the gut wall. This loosens any material stuck to the wall. Standard Process "Okra Pepsin-E3" was Dr. Kelley's choice for bowel cleansing. Clark kidney and liver flushes are also helpful. Eat a meal containing whole kernel corn or beets to monitor how long it takes material to pass through. Charcoal can also be used for this. You should see the first of the material in 12-18 hours. A bowel transit of 12-18 hours is good. If the first of the material does not appear for 24 hours, this needs to be corrected.

7. Build up the immune system. Transfer Factor is good for this. Slowly work up to 3-6 of the "Tri-Factor" (Advanced) version per day.

8. Correct your chemistry. See for details. At you can request the name of a doctor in your area who can test for metabolic imbalances. I have seen tumors grow very rapidly with a dysaerobic imbalance, and shrink very rapidly when it was corrected.

You can test for an iodine deficiency: If you are not sensitive to iodine, paint a one inch (2.5 cm) diameter patch of drugstore iodine on your skin. Do not wash it off. If the body absorbs the iodine in less than 24 hours, you probably need iodine. It can take 12 mg or more per day to saturate the thyroid and leave some for other uses. After two months of iodine use, check your morning underarm temperature. If it is below 97.8 (or if the daytime oral temperature is below 98.6), see

9. Radionics. Radionics and Rife are very different and cannot replace each other. These numbers are radionics activations done on resistor based equipment. Activate alfalfa or other materials with 05020, 80300 and 66000. For lymphoma, melanoma and multiple myeloma use 05020, 66000 and 20580. 09620 is used for radiation stress. See for more details and for instructions on making your own basic unit.

10. Dental issues. See for charts that show which teeth affect which organs and tissues. Actually, we find that most teeth can affect most tissues. A tooth with a root canal or cavitation (infection in the socket area) can make it very difficult for the affected organ or tissue to regain health. Use diluted Tooth Tonic Plus and as a mouthwash.

11. Hormone-sensitive tumors. Prostate, breast, and uterine cancers along with some others are often hormone-dependent. That is, they grow in the presence of estrogen. Patients can take the estrogen blocker Estro, 15 drops 4 times a day. Or, 2 DIM capsules twice daily can be used to block the formation of 16-hydroxy estrone. (Or eat 2 pounds of raw broccoli a day!)

12. Enzymes. Cancer patients sometimes do not make enough pancreatic enzymes. Dr. William Donald Kelley used to have people take "a handful" of DA34 pancreatic enzymes every 6 hours. As this product contains titanium, I prefer Lyso-Lyph Forte. If there is gas or heartburn, consider adding betaine hydrochloride in the middle of each meal. Start with one per meal. Consider eating one apricot kernel for each 10 pounds of body weight daily in divided doses to assist the enzymes. Example: a 180 pound person might consider eating 6 three times a day.

13. Angiogenesis inhibition: Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels. Tumors must continually grow new blood vessels to increase in size or numbers. They cannot even maintain their size unless they can make new blood vessels. Researcher Bill Peoples has found that a combination of angiogenesis inhibitors will shrink tumors. See his list of non-toxic angiogenesis inhibitors at or see the list of drugs that do this at Please note that green tea and other herbs cannot be used together.

A good non-toxic product for this is a bindweed extract called Vascustatin or Angioblock. There is also a good product called Angiostop. It is a sea cucumber extract . These two can be used together.

14. Magnets. According to Dr. William Philpott, the negative face of a flat magnet has been successfully used as the primary or even only treatment for cancers near the surface of the body. Apply up to 24 hours a day. Do not use bipolar magnets.

15. Oxygen. Metal Release contains bladderwrack which helps increase oxygenation by removing traces of carbon monoxide. Consider ozonated water or small amounts of food grade peroxide in water.

16. Chinese concepts. Dr. Chi reports that 80% of cancer patients lack some of the half-moons on their fingernails, and have teeth-marks (indentations) on the sides of their tongues. Look at the fingernails. There should be half-moons at the base of the thumbnail and the nails of the first three fingers. Not the pinkies. If there are less than 4 half-moons on each hand, this indicates low cellular oxygenation. Enzymes and Vein Lite have been used by some to increase half-moons.

Look at the tongue. Scallops or indentations along the edge are called "teeth-marks. This can indicate edema, low immunity and poor digestion. Use cooked asparagus or Chi's "Asparagus Extract" as directed on the bottle. There are reports of cancer recoveries from eating asparagus daily. Canned is fine. Puree it and take 1/4 cup twice a day. People have also reported that taking iodine corrects teeth-marks.

17. Sanum remedies. Consider using Sanum "Pleo Muc" in the morning and "Pleo Nig" at night or "Pleo Sancom" twice a day.

18. Brain tumors. There is not much room in the skull to accommodate swelling. Since tumors often swell before they shrink, it is necessary to be cautious in the use of frequencies.

19. WARNINGS: Essiac cancels the effect of the cat's claw-elder formula and vice versa. Green tea cancels the effect of the cat's claw-elder formula and many other herbal products. Avoid even very small amounts of green tea while on this program. Avoid taking excess numbers of herbs at the same time.

CT scans are extremely harmful even though your oncologist may not have read the research on this. Do a Google search on "CT scan" and radiation. Your oncologist's approval of you will not help much if you are dead! Request an ultrasound or MRI instead.

The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.

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