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Volume 10 Number 10

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
October, 1999

Dear Doctor,

     "This was so easy."

     Mary had a happy, almost child-like smile on her face 
as she spoke those words in my office the other day.  She 
had seen the power of NUTRI-SPEC in her life; she had felt 
it; she understood how and why it had worked for her.  Yet 
is still seemed a little too good to be true.

     The story on Mary is really quite routine among 
NUTRI-SPEC practitioners.  Eight months ago she was 
scheduled for gall bladder surgery.  After more than a 
year of daily right upper quadrant pain and almost 
constant upper GI and chest pressure she had consulted 
medical help.  She was found to have gall stones; surgery 
was offered as her only option.  She had come to my office 
just a week before her scheduled surgery date as a last 
ditch desperation attempt to avoid the operation.  She had 
no great expectations, yet couldn't help but think there 
must be something she could do to help herself.

     Mary was (like virtually all women in their 40's with 
gall stones) found upon NUTRI-SPEC testing to be 

     What did we do for Mary?  We simply gave her 
precisely the specific supplementation and dietary 
recommendations indicated by our NUTRI-SPEC Quick 
Reference Guide analysis.  In a matter of minutes I and my 
staff had determined her specific nutrition needs.  I 
spent a couple of minutes explaining the basic premise of 
NUTRI-SPEC -- the idea of metabolic balancing to make her 
body function at its optimum.  I then described briefly 
the specific mechanism by which gall stones were formed in 
a patient who had the glucogenic imbalance which her 
testing revealed.  I explained that her metabolic type 
could not handle carbohydrate foods effectively, and
                          - 2 -

that she needed far more saturated fat than the average 
person.  We explained that with a relative deficiency of 
fat to carbohydrate her gall bladder had become sluggish 
and congested, thus easily forming gall stones.

     Her indicated supplementation was quite simply: 
Oxygenic B, plus Oxy G, di-sodium phosphate and Glutamine 
for her glucogenic imbalance.

     The dietary recommendations were the NUTRI-SPEC 
Fundamental Diet along with the glucogenic emphasis.  This 
meant in Mary's case that she need do nothing more extreme 
than start to eat eggs (which she loved) for breakfast 
instead of cereal; eat a nice portion of meat, fish, or 
poultry for her other two meals each day, along with a 
good serving of vegetables and only a very limited intake 
of starches.  She also needed to limit her intake of 
desserts to only special occasions.

     Mary picked up very quickly on the fact that we 
understood the cause of her gall bladder disease.  She was 
eager to give NUTRI-SPEC a shot but at the same time 
realized the time constraints involved since her surgery 
date was imminent.  She asked if it was possible that she 
would feel a noticeable difference in her upper GI 
symptoms within the week.  We said that was a very 
definite possibility -- so -- we ended her initial visit 
with the understanding that if she felt significant 
improvement within a few days she would cancel her 
surgery.  She was scheduled for her first NUTRI-SPEC 
follow-up in a week.

     Mary reported a week later that her right upper 
quadrant pain had been only intermittent during the 
ensuing week and that her upper GI and chest pressure had 
been reduced substantially.  She had called off her 
surgery for now.

     On this first follow-up Mary's glucogenic imbalance 
showed slight improvement.  She no longer showed the 
bilirubin in her urine that we saw on her initial test.  
Since no additional imbalances were evident, we simply had 
her continue her anti-glucogenic regimen and set up her  
the next appointment in three weeks.

     On that second follow-up testing, and throughout the 
ensuing eight months it was NUTRI-SPEC business as usual.  
This turned out to be a very routine case of a glucogenic 
imbalance.  The patient's glucogenic tendency (which 
certainly in her case had been there since birth) has been
easily controlled with minimal supplementation and dietary
                          - 3 -

recommendations.  On each subsequent visit her symptoms 
had shown steady improvement to the point where they were 
almost nonexistent.

     When we saw her the other day it had been 2 1/2 
months since her previous testing.  She still showed a 
glucogenic test pattern and had been totally free of any 
right upper quadrant pain for more than three months.  
Only very rarely in the last several months had she 
experienced slight chest pressure, and only when she had 
gotten a little careless with her carbohydrate intake.

     She has now been scheduled for her next testing in 
three more months, during which time she will continue to 
take three Oxy B, two Oxy G, 1/8 teaspoon of di-sodium 
phosphate and two glutamine daily.  Chances are she will
continue this regimen happily ever after.  And -- she will 
always marvel that, "This was so easy."

     From a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner's standpoint, I can 
also make the statement, "This was so easy."  Just what 
did it take to save this patient from surgery and to 
eliminate all her symptoms by correcting the metabolic 
imbalance that was at the root cause of her symptoms?  It 
took only eight minutes for my office staff to perform the 
tests, followed by less than one minute for the QRG 
analysis to determine exactly what the patient needed.  A 
few more minutes was required to educate the patient about 
our findings and just what they meant.  That was backed up 
by giving her the Imbalance Description of a glucogenic 
imbalance, plus her eating plan enclosed within the 
patient education folder, "What NUTRI-SPEC Will Do For 

     That is all there was to it.  There was no trial and 
error with various "natural" gall bladder remedies; there 
was no resorting to a "liver flush", or a series of coffee 
enemas; I did not need any other naturopathic remedy nor 
to employ expensive, time consuming and invasive 
laboratory profiles.  There was no resorting to remedies 
of any nature, then hoping for a cure.  Everything that 
was done was based on objective clinical testing, thus 
allowing a perfectly individualized patient-specific 
regimen to be prescribed.

     Yes, this truly was easy.  It has been exactly one 
year since we introduced sweeping changes in your NUTRI-
SPEC analysis.  We totally revised your QRG protocol for 
analyzing your patients, making your analysis simpler and 
faster.  We have spent the last year in this Letter 
highlighting the improvements in your NUTRI-SPEC test
                          - 4 -

system, while illustrating its efficacy with some 
fascinating case studies.

     You read of a woman with hepatitis taking herself off 
the waiting list for a liver transplant because of the 
amazing results she experienced with NUTRI-SPEC.  You then 
read of a man with hepatitis who because of NUTRI-SPEC 
brought his SGOT enzymes from 1900 all the way down to 62.  
More importantly, while reviewing these two hepatitis 
cases you came to the realization that these two hepatitis 
"miracle cures" were achieved by not only treating the 
patients differently, but by giving them what was in many 
ways an opposite treatment.  The woman had been treated as 
electrolyte insufficiency and glucogenic while the man was 
treated as electrolyte stress and sympathetic.  The 
results were achieved not by treating hepatitis, but by 
increasing each patient's adaptative capacity through 
metabolic balancing.

     You also read two successful case studies of women 
who had extreme physical and emotional symptoms associated 
with  the loss of glycemic control typical of a glucogenic 
metabolic imbalance.  You also read of a woman with 
allergies and anxiety that were completely brought under 
control with a specific regimen for her parasympathetic 
imbalance.  Another case study involved a woman who was 
dysaerobic and glucogenic who was suffering from extreme 
menopausal hot flashes along with digestive disturbances 
and hypoglycemia.  All her symptoms resolved 
satisfactorily while at the same time she lost over 20 
pounds "without even trying."  Finally, you have read 
about Mary and her close call with unnecessary gall 
bladder surgery.

     Our theme here is more than just the amazing clinical 
results you can achieve with NUTRI-SPEC -- but more 
particularly, the ease with which these results can be 

     With your NUTRI-SPEC QRG procedures that have been 
available for the last year, all the needs of the patients 
in these case studies were determined with an analysis 
that took less than two minutes.  Last year at this time 
every NUTRI-SPEC practitioner was sent the revised Test 
Results Form along with the completely re-done QRG.  We 
know from the patient test results that you phone and fax 
to us for assistance (which we, as always, welcome and 
encourage) that many of you either never received or lost 
your revised QRG.

                          - 5 -

     At the same time that the QRG was improved we 
re-wrote all the imbalance descriptions you give your 
patients, plus improved the Report Of Findings that gives 
your patients their eating plan and supplement plan, plus 
introduced the most important patient education tool, 
"What NUTRI-SPEC Will Do For You."

     If you are not sure that you are completely 100% up 
to date with all the latest NUTRI-SPEC materials for 
analysis and treatment of your patients call us right 
away.  The entire package -- Test Results Form, QRG, 
Imbalance Descriptions, and patient education information 
along with detailed instructions will be happily sent to 
you at no charge.  In fact, even if you think you have all 
the latest updates call us anyway.  There have been a few 
little refinements added to the QRG analysis and 
supplementation recommendations even during the last year.  
Call us at 1-800-736-4320 today and we will set you up 
with everything you need.

     Your QRG is now designed so that it is almost totally 
objective.  In other words, when you do the analysis you 
will come up with exactly the same results that I would 
come up with.  Furthermore, the way the analysis of each 
of the five metabolic imbalances is set up you can 
determine exactly what imbalances a patient does and does 
not have in less than one minute (about 10 seconds for 
each of the five imbalances).  After having determined 
your patient's imbalances, you spend only another minute 
or two selecting the specific supplementation that patient 
needs for each of those imbalances.

     When your testing, analysis and supplementation is 
complete, all the materials the patient needs to take home 
fall easily into place:  the Imbalance Description(s) fold 
neatly inside the Report of Findings, and the Report of 
Findings folds into, "What NUTRI-SPEC Will Do For You."  
It takes only a minute for your staff to individualize the 
Report of Findings, listing that patient's supplementation 
regimen plus their best and worst foods.  It relieves you 
of the burden of spending oodles of time explaining NUTRI-
SPEC to the patient when you have such a complete set of 
informative materials.  Patients love having a thorough 
understanding of their metabolic imbalances (and, they 
love having a consise, objective account of your findings 
to share with their spouse).

     And just how valuable is the ability to analyze these 
five fundamental metabolic control systems in each 
patient?  As you have read in your last 12 Letters, this

                          - 6 -

fast, simple, objective analysis gives you everything you 
need to achieve startling clinical results.

     After all, what are these fundamental metabolic 
control systems all about?  It is these control systems 
that determine a patient's ability to perform the four 
essential biochemical functions:

A.  Maintain glycemic control

B.  Maintain normal oxidative metabolism -- neither         
    insufficient oxidation nor excessive free radical       
    oxidation and glycation

C.  Maintain ideal pH at each of the levels of biological   

D.  Maintain ideal concentrations of biologically active    
    water and electrolytes at each of the levels of         
    biological organization

     Restore balance and efficiency to five metabolic 
control systems, so that the four biochemical essentials 
can be maintained.  Achieve that for your patients and you
are assured that they are functioning at their maximum 
level of vitality.  With NUTRI-SPEC and only with NUTRI-
SPEC can you so empower your patients.  And only after 
mastering your NUTRI-SPEC clinical procedures can you 
achieve amazing clinical results while at the same time 
saying to yourself, "This is so easy."


                            Guy R. Schenker, D.C.

P.S.:  Note that Oxygenic B, the keystone of the 
supplement regimen you give each patient, is now available 
in capsules as well as the original caplets.  This is in 
response to many requests over the years for an 
encapsulated formula.


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