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Volume 8 Number 9

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
September, 1997

Dear Doctor,

     Suppose I presented you with a ...

                         MAGIC WAND.

All you would need do is wave this magic wand at each of your 
patients and instantly three dramatic biochemical changes 
would occur in that patient:

1.  Selective permeability of cellular membranes would be 
restored to normal in that patient.

2.  Any pH imbalances in that patient's tissues would 
normalize instantly.

3.  The systemic affects of abnormal oxidation reactions would 
be reversed.

With such amazing powers you would eagerly and confidently 
take on any symptom or condition your patients could present.

     You will be delighted to learn that such a magic wand 
exists -- in the form of your NUTRI-SPEC supplements Oxygenic 
A-Plus and Oxygenic D-Plus.  Your anaerobic and your 
dysaerobic patients are locked into an abnormal biochemical 
pattern involving aberrant oxidative energy metabolism and 
loss of the capacity for selective membrane permeability.  Oxy 
A-Plus and D-Plus are the keys to release the lock that traps 
your patients in a state of metabolic inefficiency.

     Many of the symptoms associated with anaerobic and 
dysaerobic imbalances are associated with the abnormal pH 
found in these imbalances.

                            - 2 -

     Rivici referred to many symptoms as "dualistic" in 
nature.  By this he meant that both an anaerobic and a 
dysaerobic patient are susceptible to these symptoms.  
Furthermore, Rivici showed that these symptoms were directly 
related to the acid tissue and alkaline system of the 
anaerobic patient, or, to the alkaline tissue and acid system 
of the dysaerobic patient.  Some of the more common dualistic 
symptoms we deal with every day are listed on the 
anaerobic/dysaerobic page of your Quick Reference Guide, and 
include pain, itching, vertigo, and allergies.  There are 
other dualistic conditions such as hearing loss, manic 
depression, high serum cholesterol, and viral and bacterial 

     Think of your Oxy A and Oxy B as the key to unlock the 
sealed membrane.  Once the lock is removed nutrients 
immediately begin flowing into the cell and waste products 
flow back out.  Membrane polarity is restored and normal pH is 
restored both within and without the membrane.  The 
normalization of pH often affords immediate symptomatic 
improvement in patients with dualistic symptoms.

     Oxygenic A-Plus is essential to all your anaerobic 
patients.  In particular, you should give a dosage well above 
the standard dosage of Oxygenic A-Plus if your anaerobic 
patient suffers from any of the above mentioned dualistic 
symptoms, or, if they suffer from any of the other anaerobic 
conditions specifically listed on the anaerobic/dysaerobic 
page of your QRG -- constipation, polyuria, or somnolence.

     Likewise, your Oxygenic D-Plus is essential for all 
dysaerobic patients.  The dosage you recommend should be 
increased if the dysaerobic individual suffers from any of the 
dualistic symptoms, or, if they have as a major complaint the 
dysaerobic symptoms listed in your QRG -- diarrhea, oliguria, 
or insomnia.

     Do you have any patients in pain?  Do you have any 
patients with high cholesterol?  How about patients who suffer 
from depression or anxiety or somnolence or insomnia?  Do you 
have any patients with allergies?  Almost all these patients 
have an anaerobic/dysaerobic imbalance underlying their 
condition.  Allow Oxy A-Plus and D-Plus to work their magic 
and ...


                            - 3 -

     If you have any doubt about how amazingly quick is the 
action of A-Plus and D-Plus to reverse their respective 
imbalances ...


The next time you have a patient who tests, say, strongly 
anaerobic with high surface tension, high urine pH, low 
adjusted saliva pH, and low specific gravity -- give the 
patient a good strong dose of Oxy A-Plus.  Wait for 30 
minutes, then re-check their urine and saliva.  In 99+% of the 
cases the anaerobic test pattern will be completely reversed 
-- just that quickly, and just that simply.

     Rivici (from whose work your anaerobic/dysaerobic balance 
derives) tested literally thousands of biologically active 
substances for their metabolic effects.  Out of all those 
substances, he selected the ingredients of your Oxygenic 
A-Plus and D-Plus to use for their powerful and immediate 
impact on body chemistry.  He has used these exclusively for 
more than 35 years as his sole means of controlling metabolic 
balance at the tissue and systemic levels.

     These supplements truly are the clinical equivalent of a 
magic wand.  Using them effectively according to your QRG 
protocol gives you an advantage in controlling each patient's 
body chemistry that you never even dreamed of before 


     A couple of months ago when we were discussing the QRG 
protocol for electrolyte stress imbalance


We commented on how, in your patients with a strong anaerobic 
component to their electrolyte stress, Oxygenic A-Plus helps 
maintain the colloidal properties of the body fluids, helps 
maintain the proper electro-negativity of the arterial intima, 
helps the kidneys eliminate excess salts, and aids in lowering 
blood pressure.  Now that we are discussing Oxy A-Plus in more 
detail we should amplify some of the comments made about the 
amazing power of Oxy A-Plus by relating to you an experiment 
done by Rivici.
                            - 4 -

     Rivici's experiment demonstrated clearly the power of 
A-Plus in preventing and reversing the progression of 
cardiovascular disease.  The experiment Rivici did on 
laboratory animals was done in three parts:

Part One:  Rivici fed mice a diet extremely high in saturated 
fat and cholesterol.  (You know -- the diet that, according to 
the "authorities," is supposed to kill us all from 
cardiovascular disease.)  All Rivici got out of this high fat 
and cholesterol feeding portion of the experiment was a lot of 
happy mice.  He was unable to cause cardiovascular disease in 
his test animals.

Part Two:  Rivici then fed the mice the same high fat, high 
cholesterol diet, but also made their diet high in salt.  Now, 
all the laboratory mice developed cardiovascular disease -- 
atherosclerosis and hypertension, etc -- very quickly.  In 
other words, the high salt intake caused cardiovascular 
disease at levels of saturated fat and cholesterol intake 
which were harmless in the absence of excess sodium chloride.  
Do you see how this finding fits in perfectly with our 
electrolyte stress model of CVD?

Part Three:  Rivici then fed his test animals a diet high in 
saturated fat and cholesterol, plus high in salt, but also 
supplemented these animals with magnesium and negative valence 
sulfur (Oxygenic A-Plus).  The result?  Despite the high 
saturated fat and cholesterol intake combined with excess salt 
intake, these animals were completely protected from 
cardiovascular disease.  In other words, the high salt intake 
had no deleterious effects when combined with the high fat 
intake, as long as the magnesium and -2 valence sulfur were 
available to neutralize the damage done by the sodium 

     This story of Rivici's experiment should make it clear to 
you why Oxy A-Plus is so indispensable to a high percentage of 
your electrolyte stress patients.  It should also now be clear 
how valuable Oxy A-Plus is in any of your patients with an 
anaerobic tendency.  Oxy A-plus plays a preventive role as 
regards cardiovascular disease.

     Another way to say this is that any patient who tests 
anaerobic is certain, over a period of years, to develop 
cardiovascular disease which has a strong anaerobic component.  
Correcting your patient's anaerobic imbalance long before 
cardiovascular disease is clinically evident is an invaluable 
service.  The patient will be delighted that you "cured my 
constipation,"  "gave me more energy than I've had in years," 
and, "got rid of the arthritis in my shoulder."  Little do 
they realize that as valuable as these benefits are, their
                            - 5 -

value is far surpassed by the fact that you prevented what 
would have been the inevitable development of cardiovascular 
disease.  Thanks to you, this patient will not be one of the 
fifty percent who dies from heart attack or stroke.

     Shift your focus now from Oxy A-Plus to Oxy D-Plus.  Let 
us look at the relation of Oxy D-Plus to your patients with 
migraine headaches.  We are talking here about true migraine 
headaches -- a vascular headache that is accompanied by visual 
prodromes and is usually typified by hemicephalgia, as well as 
perhaps GI symptoms.

     Occasionally a migraine patient will test as sympathetic.  
If they do, they will benefit from either Taurine or Oxygenic 
D-Plus.  Occasionally a migraine patient will test as 
parasympathetic.  If they do, they will benefit from Oxy 
D-Plus or Phos Drops.  Occasionally a migraine patient will 
test as anaerobic.  If they do, they will benefit from Taurine 
along with their Oxy A-Plus.  By far the majority of migraine 
patients, however, will test as dysaerobic.  These patients 
will almost always respond beautifully to Oxy D-Plus 

     There is a little trick you can do with migraine patients 
for whom Oxy D-Plus is indicated.  If they do feel a migraine 
coming on (visual prodromes, etc.), then at this first inkling 
of a headache they should take 30 or 40 drops of Oxy D-Plus.  
If 20 minutes later the symptoms have not abated, then take 
another 40 drops of Oxy D-Plus.  This supplementation will 
very often abort a migraine headache before it gets up and 
running.  Do not misinterpret this to mean that Oxy D-Plus 
will relieve a migraine headache.  Sometimes it will -- often 
it will not.  The key here is not to use Oxy D-Plus once the 
headache is established but to abort it before it fully 

     We should conclude our discussion of Oxy D-Plus with a 
comment about its unique fragrance and flavor.  If you have 
much experience with NUTRI-SPEC you have likely found that it 
is not uncommon for dysaerobic patients to actually learn to 
like the taste of Oxy D-Plus (-- believe it or not!).  For 
most, however, a taste for D-Plus is very difficult to 

     I personally have never had a problem obtaining patient 
compliance on taking Oxy D-Plus.  Apparently the same cannot 
be said for many other doctors.  For years I have been 
hard-nosed, insisting that Oxy D-Plus be taken in water -- and 
if the patient doesn't like it, tough.  I am hereby revising 
my previously rigid stance.  Taking Oxy D-Plus is important
                            - 6 -

enough that if a person has to swallow a little juice with it 
to get it down, that is a small price to pay.

     I am now recommending that you continue to recommend your 
patients take Oxy D-Plus in water.  But, if you have a patient 
who claims that is out of the question then permit them to
take the D-Plus in a small amount of apple juice.  Only 
patients who have a glucogenic or parasympathetic imbalance 
concurrent with their dysaerobic imbalance will be adversely 
affected -- and quantitatively speaking it should not be that 
big a problem to have three ounces of juice twice a day as 
long as the rest of their diet is by the book.

     With the unique combination of ingredients in Oxygenic A 
and Oxygenic D, and the ...

                     ABRACADABRA ZAP ...

you give your patients with Oxy A-Plus and Oxy D-Plus, there 
is no anaerobic/dysaerobic clinical challenge you cannot meet.


                           Guy R. Schenker, D.C.


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