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Volume 9 Number 8

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
August, 1998

Dear Doctor,

     In the last two issues of this letter we have been 
looking closely at the Nutri-Spec Fundamental Diet that 
you recommend to all of your patients.

                ALONG WITH OXYGENIC B ...

you would achieve more as a clinical nutritionist than all 
those ordinary "nutritionists" with their inane megadoses 
of vitamins and their herbal drugs.

     Remember, the essential purposes of your Nutri-Spec 
Fundamental Diet are quite simple but are vitally 

1.  To insure that each patient obtains adequate nutrient 
intake (which requires the addition of Oxy B as a source 
of trace minerals).

2.  To help your patients achieve glycemic control -- 
since aberrations in sugar metabolism are a causative 
factor in CVD, in cancer, in allergies, in depression and 
anxiety, in fatigue, in PMS, and in nearly every other 
symptom or condition you can name.

3.  To avoid the highly toxic components of the common 
diet -- most particularly vegetable oils and aspartame.

     Think of it -- these are the most critical dietary 
considerations for every person, regardless of what their 
symptomatic complaints may be.  The Nutri-Spec Fundamental 
Diet will eliminate primary causes associated with 
virtually anyone's clinical complaints.

     Yes, Nutri-Spec gives you the analysis and the high 
biological activity supplements to go the giant step
                          - 2 -

further and specifically treat the metabolic imbalances 
associated with each of your patient's symptoms, -- but 
nothing is more fundamental than building your Nutri-Spec 
practice on the solid foundation of the Nutri-Spec 
Fundamental Diet.

     In last month's Letter you read a case history about 
a woman who on Nutri-Spec was able to lower her serum 
triglycerides from 1375 to 137 -- an astounding clinical 
response.  (At the same time she regained all aspects of 
functional health -- becoming mentally alert, physically 
energized and reducing body fat to the level she enjoyed 
20 years ago.)  While it is true that the Nutri-Spec 
supplements, applied with specificity, worked this 
"miracle," it could never have been achieved without 
gaining perfect compliance from the patient on the 
Nutri-Spec Fundamental Diet.

     To summarize what you have learned in these last two 

1.  The keystone of your fundamental diet (and the aspect 
that assures that your patient achieves glycemic control) 
involves eating three meals daily, each of which contains 
several ounces of meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or dairy -- 
with a prescribed quantity of allowable carbohydrates in 
proper proportion to the animal protein consumed.  We are 
quantifying the protein to carbohydrate ratio based on 
ounces of animal foods, but you now understand that it is 
more than the quantity of protein that is so critical in 
these animal foods.  It is more importantly the quantity 
of saturated fat.

2.  All polyunsaturated oils are damaging.  They 
accelerate the aging process; they particularly accelerate 
aging of the brain and skin (with the production of 
lipofuscin); they destroy liver function; they destroy 
thyroid function; they potentiate the damaging effects of 
excess estrogen and of excess cortisol and of insulin 

3.  Saturated fats (including cholesterol) are some of our 
most important nutrients.  They are essential for the 
development of infants (particularly the infant's brain), 
and for hormone production, and for the preservation of 
vitality throughout life, and for the delay of senescence.

4.  Low cholesterol levels are associated with more 
problems than high cholesterol levels.

                          - 3 -

5.  If you adjust for the presence of elevated 
triglycerides in your statistical analysis, there is
practically no correlation between serum cholesterol and 
CVD.  Furthermore, there is no correlation between dietary 
cholesterol and CVD.

6.  There is a major correlation between serum 
triglyceride levels and CVD.

7.  Neither serum cholesterol nor serum triglyceride 
levels are elevated to any appreciable degree by dietary 
intake of cholesterol and saturated fat.  Both cholesterol 
and triglyceride levels, however, are extremely well 
correlated with excessive carbohydrate and sugar intake.

8.  Insulin resistance and elevated insulin levels are 
strongly correlated with both elevated blood fats and CVD 
(and, by the way, a predisposition to cancer and many 
other degenerative diseases).

9.  It is insufficient saturated fat in the diet and 
excess carbohydrates (particularly sugar) in the diet that 
predispose to CVD and other pathologies.  The NUTRI-SPEC 
imbalances most associated with this clinical picture are 
anaerobic, dysaerobic, ketogenic, and glucogenic 
imbalances as well as your patients who already show an 
electrolyte stress pattern upon testing.

     We cannot emphasize too strongly this connection 
between sugar intake and elevated blood fats and between 
sugar intake and degenerative disease.

     Here is another related study to consider.  Back in 
the late 60's a biochemist named Winitz developed a diet 
made entirely from purified carbohydrates, fats, amino 
acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals.  This diet 
formulation proved able to support satisfactory health in 
all people.  The main purpose of this diet was that since 
it required no digestion and contained no waste it could 
be physiologically digested, absorbed, and utilized as 
provided, with no work load on the colon.  It was thus 
intended for use in patients with certain digestive 

     But Winitz discovered some significant findings while 
experimenting with this diet.  The Winitz diet was 
extensively tested on convict volunteers who were 
biochemically and physiologically monitored during a 
prolonged period of ingesting only this diet.

                          - 4 -

     The most interesting finding apropos of what we are 
discussing now is that after just a few weeks on the 
Winitz diet the convicts' serum cholesterol dropped from
an average of 220 to an average of only 150.  How was it 
that this Winitz diet so effectively and naturally lowered 
cholesterol levels?  As it turned out the sole source of 
carbohydrate in the Winitz diet was pure glucose.

     Here is what happened next.  While the convicts found 
that the Winitz diet perfectly satisfied their appetite, 
and that they were maintained in excellent health on the 
diet, they did complain about the taste being somewhat 
dull.  So, Winitz decided to replace 25% of the glucose 
with sucrose.  As soon as this was done the convicts' 
serum cholesterol immediately returned to the pre-diet 

     What is the difference between glucose and sucrose?  
Glucose is the 6 carbon monosaccharide that makes up the 
majority of carbohydrates we eat.  Sucrose is a 
disaccharide combining glucose and fructose.  It is the 
fructose (also known as fruit sugar) that does the most 
severe damage in terms of stimulating excess insulin 
response and triggering the whole chain reaction that 
leads to so many degenerative diseases.

     The truth about the damaging effects of fructose is 
difficult for many of you to swallow.  I know this is true 
because this is a subject about which many of you have 
asked questions.  Some of you have contacted Nutri-Spec in 
absolute disbelief that I could claim that eating fruit is 
not necessarily healthful (and, in your Glucogenic/ 
Parasympathetic patients in particular can be quite 

     Others of you have heard the natural food industry 
propaganda about fructose being the "good sugar" -- the 
one that does not stimulate an excess insulin response and 
create problems with glycemic control.

     This misinformation about fructose and glycemic 
control must be addressed right now.  I have well over 100 
pages of scientific literature showing the falsity of the 
favorable claims about fructose.  As is so often the case, 
the truth is exactly opposite to the establishment 
propaganda.  If, as I say, fructose actually increases the 
insulin response and decreases one's capacity for glycemic 
control -- how is it that others can show you scientific 
studies "proving" that fructose is the good sugar.

                          - 5 -

     Here is how it happened.  The glycemic index of a 
food is determined by the reaction the body shows upon 
ingesting it in terms of changes in serum glucose levels 
and serum insulin levels.  Glucose is the standard.  
Everything else is compared to glucose.  There is a well 
established sugar and insulin response to ingesting a 
specified quantity of glucose in the fasting state.         

     If a person in the fasting state consumes fructose 
instead of glucose, the blood sugar and blood insulin 
levels do not respond as dramatically.  The initial 
studies on fructose that demonstrated this were hailed as 
a major breakthrough showing that fruit sugar was a more 
healthful alternative to sucrose (which is only half 
fructose and half glucose).

     The processed food industry ran with this and 
immediately began to produce tons of processed food and 
barrels of processed beverages sweetened with fructose.  
The gullible public sucked it up with delight -- telling 
themselves that all these sugary treats were healthy. 

     No one bothered to inform the general public that 
immediately after these initial studies on fructose were 
done they were completely blown out of the water.  It 
turns out that fructose shows its slightly less damaging 
effect than other sugars only when consumed as the sole 
source of calories and only when fasting.  When fructose 
is consumed as a part of a meal that includes other 
carbohydrates plus fats and proteins, the effect of 
fructose is much much worse than the effect of glucose.  
The physiological/biochemical reasons for this damaging 
effect of fructose have been pretty well explained in the 
literature but are beyond the scope of this discussion.

     For our purposes just understand that the average 
person -- your average patient -- consumes over 100 pounds 
of sucrose every year.  That constitutes an amazing 20% of 
their caloric intake in the form of concentrated sugar.  
You must help your patients understand the unavoidable 
health consequences of this pernicious practice.  You must 
also help them understand that the sugar in orange juice 
and honey is every bit as damaging as the sugar in candy.

     Do you think you can have an impact on your life, the 
life of everyone in your family, and the lives of all your 
patients if you are to enable them to decrease this sugar 
consumption to sane levels?  Furthermore, knowing what you 
know about the damages of polyunsaturates, do you think
you can have a major impact on peoples' lives if you can   
get them to eliminate these toxic oils?
                          - 6 -

     The nice thing about the Nutri-Spec Fundamental Diet 
is that restoring sugar consumption to sane levels and 
eliminating toxic oils is really not difficult at all.  
Hard to believe?  Think about it -- most people's cravings 
either for fried foods or for sugary foods can be 90+ 
percent eliminated if they eat adequate quantities of 
saturated fats.  Remember that saturated fats have amazing 
satiety value.  So -- getting everyone of your patients on 
21 meals a week, each meal consisting of the requisite 
amount of animal foods (containing a high content of 
saturated fat) with carbohydrate in proper proportion, you 
will find that the cravings for junk foods is much easier 
to control than you would imagine.  The NUTRI-SPEC 
Fundamental Diet is not at all complicated.

1.  Stop shooting yourself in the foot -- cut the deadly 
oils and the aspartame, and get a lid on the sugar.

2.  Provide all the nutrients with Oxy B and 21 meals 
weekly of high nutrient density foods -- meat, fish, 
poultry, eggs, and mountains of vegetables.                 

     That much alone will prevent almost all health 
problems and guarantee a person a long, high vitality 
life.  (To specifically address health problems that a 
person has already acquired requires that you go the 
additional step and do NUTRI-SPEC testing to determine 
specific metabolic imbalances -- then fix them with your 
high biological activity supplements.)

     But the basic foundation, using the NUTRI-SPEC 
Fundamental Diet (plus Oxy B), is so simple yet so 
critical.  Another way to phrase this is to say that as 
long as your patient has not achieved glycemic control, 
nothing is going to work.  Even NUTRI-SPEC supplements 
will yield a less than satisfactory response.

     Similarly, as long as your patient is eating poly-
unsaturated oils, nothing is going to restore vitality.  
The skin will age a little extra each day; the brain will 
die a little extra each day; free radical damage will take 
a little bigger toll each day.  Consider the folly of 
taking all the powerful anti-oxidants in your NUTRI-SPEC 
supplements, then destroying them with fatty acids.

     Now consider the essentiality of the NUTRI-SPEC 
Fundamental Diet for yourself and for everyone you know.

                        Guy R. Schenker, D.C.


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