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Volume 11 Number 7

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
July, 2000

Dear Doctor, 

     In reading the last several issues of this Letter you have finally
come to realize the extraordinary value you have in Oxygenic B.  You
have seen clearly how and why you can make an honest buck while
enriching patient after patient with the most powerful multiple
supplement available anywhere.  

As we have trumpeted the wonder and glory of Oxy B these last
several months, you may have asked yourself the obvious question,

There are many answers to that question and most of them center 

First, consider that most health food industry companies are in the
business to make a profit.  This is an admirable goal (and one shared by
NUTRI-SPEC) --  but the point is, that that is their only consideration.  
The owners of those companies that have succeeded in this industry have
found a marketing strategy giving them a significant (and lucrative) share
of the market.  But, if the owners of those companies saw a means to
deploy their capital elsewhere more profitably, they would be gone in a
minute --  selling shoes, selling computers, selling hula hoops -- if re-
deploying their capital in that industry appeared more profitable.  

In striking contrast, NUTRI-SPEC exists solely because of my personal
passion for knowledge regarding the maximization of health.  While I am
delighted to be making a decent living at NUTRI-SPEC, I would be
pursuing this quest even if it yielded not a dime in profits.  (In fact, that
was the case for years (and years, and years) during which the
development of  NUTRI-SPEC was financed by profits from my
chiropractic practice.  To this day, if you took the income I have derived
from NUTRI-SPEC and divided it by the thousands and thousands of
hours I have put into it -- I have probably worked for something a little
above minimum wage.)  

What does all this talk of $$$$$ have to do with Oxygenic B? 

For the typical supplement company to make a product in the same class
as Oxygenic B they would have to sell it for what would seem to
potential buyers an exorbitant price in order to make their standard mark-
up.  Since at NUTRI-SPEC we are in this for more than just the money,
we are willing to take what could be best described as a "survival mark-
up" -- just enough to keep our business afloat.  

A second reason why no one else makes a product to equal Oxy B is
because they couldn't sell the stuff.  Imagine Oxy B sitting on the shelf
in a health food store along side three or four other multiple products.  

                       CUSTOMER COMPARISON SHOPPING.                 
Remember, this person comes equipped with only the "knowledge"
derived from health food industry propaganda:                                        

With respect to particular nutrients, they think more is better.  

Qualitatively, they don't know the difference between thiamine
pyrophosphate and thiamine hydrochloride, nor between calcium
aspartate and calcium phosphate.                                                    

They have no concept of the balance between vitamins and trace minerals, or
between one mineral and another.                                

They are totally ignorant of how critical the disintegration characteristics of a
product are.  

Now we see this ignoramus holding a bottle of Oxy B in one hand and a
name brand multiple in the other.  The name brand label reads 25
milligrams of vitamin B1, while on the other label vitamin B1 is nowhere
to be found ( --  what is thiamin pyrophosphate, anyway?).  The first
product has gobs and gobs of vitamin C while the second has much less,
plus, it has chemical names after vitamin C like ascorbyl palmitate
(whatever that is -- must not be "natural.")  And look at this -- not only
does the first product have tons more vitamins, it costs a lot less!

The choice is a no-brainer for a brain devoid of knowledge.  Do you see
that no supplement company in its right mind would put quality on the
shelf next to the trash that sells to the health food store crowd?              

For the same reason, the industry cannot supply quality products to the
average professional.  Most doctors know little if any more than their
patients (the health food store crowd) about supplementation.  Also, the
typical doctor wants to treat patients with vitamin C to prevent colds; B
vitamins for stress, energy, nerves, (take your choice); chromium to lose
weight -- the nonsense is never ending.  For these doctors the industry
provides a cheap multiple that they can sell their patients, and then a
whole catalog full of specialty products at high prices to treat this, that,
and the other disease.  This strategy is a good one from a business
perspective --  but leaves Oxy B in a class by itself as a multiple.  
The only way NUTRI-SPEC can sell Oxy B (and any of our other
products, for that matter) is because we are selling to informed buyers. 

You know the difference between a biologically active nutrient and one
that has very little impact on physiology.                                             

You know the difference between a nutrient that is absorbed and one that
is flushed down the toilet.                                                          

You know the difference between a tablet that is like a rock and one that
dissolves for easy absorption.                                                     

You know that one nutrient, if taken in excess, can deplete the body of
other nutrients.                                                                              

You know that a nutrient taken in excess with respect to other nutrients
can push a person's body chemistry into one or more of ten different
metabolic imbalances.                                                          

And, we are not talking here about hypothetical effects that can happen
in an occasional individual in response to extreme sup-plementation --
you know that at least 3 out of 10 of your patients will be made
physically, mentally, and emotionally weak by something as ordinary as
a therapeutic dose of vitamin C.  Only doctors as informed as you can
appreciate the rare treasure you have in Oxy B (and in Mighty Mins).    

The only trick is, you have got to inform your patients as well.  Thus, the
Oxy B and Mighty Mins brochures.  Use these brochures and sell these
products.   Every man, woman, and child you know needs them to insure
a longer, stronger life.                                                       

Remember, the majority of your patients are already buying supplements
-- the very trash that has been shown to cause the biochemical damage
and metabolic imbalances that lead to physical and emotional weakness
and premature aging.                                           

MOST OF YOUR PATIENTS ARE WORSE OFF                            
                        TAKING THEIR SUPPLEMENTS THAN IF
   THEY TOOK NONE AT ALL.                   
Educate them -- and get their whole family taking Oxygenic  B and
Mighty Mins.  

     One way to summarize the case for giving Oxygenic B and
Mighty Mins to every person you know is to say that with these products

YOU'VE GOT SCIENCE ON YOUR SIDE.                                        
Your Oxy B and Mighty Mins brochures actually list references from the
scientific literature supporting the amazing quality of these products. 
Although there are more than a dozen references listed in each brochure,
there could have been dozens more. 

There is real, honest-to-goodness, life-enhancing science in these (and all
your NUTRI-SPEC) products.  Contrast this real science you have with
NUTRI-SPEC to the pseudo-science used as a marketing ploy by other
nutrition companies.  We are so confident in the quality of these products
that we have expanded THE NUTRI-SPEC CHALLENGE.

We have been saying for more than 10 years that if you can show
us a multiple formulation that can beat Oxygenic B  

            WE WILL GIVE YOU $500  
worth of NUTRI-SPEC products.   Now, we are going to expand that
offer to include Mighty Mins.  We are serious about this -- no one has
beaten your Oxygenic B in the last 10 years -- nor will they ever.  We are
confident that the same is true of your Mighty Mins.  You can guarantee
your patients that you are giving them the highest quality and most cost
effective supplement that they will find anywhere.      

     Speaking of science vs pseudo-science -- let us talk for a moment
about your NUTRI-SPEC testing system.  When we say this a scientific
approach to clinical nutrition, what exactly do we mean by "scientific?" 
We mean that the system is based on objective clinical indicators.   In
about an 8 minute exam you can gather on your patient 46 valuable (and
objective) pieces of clinical data.  It should be obvious that your goal
with NUTRI-SPEC is to change as quickly as possible those of the 46
parameters which are abnormal.  So you see, the regimen you give each
patient is not a  "set it and forget it" proposition.                           
The reason for bringing this up is that we are getting more and more
doctors pointing out that some of their patients experience a negative
symptomatic reaction shortly after being put on their NUTRI-SPEC
regimen.  These doctors want to know how long it takes for a patient to
"adapt to," or "grow comfortable with " their NUTRI-SPEC regimen. 
The short answer to this question is, "You are missing the whole point." 
The complete answer is:

There is no such thing as "adjusting to the program" since the essence of a Nutri-Spec
regimen is CHANGE.  

Your patient's metabolism is "stuck" in a state of imbalance (which you
can objectively quantify), and your goal is to give that patient a powerful
push in the right direction --- the response to which you can (and must)
also objectively quantify.  

Not only does the Nutri-Spec regimen change the patient (powerfully and in
a hurry), but the Nutri-Spec regimen itself must change with time (and
usually within a very short time).  There is no such thing as "the
program" that a patient must adapt to, since the regimen itself changes
as the patient's objective test patterns change. 

Remember, the initial regimen you give a patient is to be thought of as a clinical
trial --- a test to see just how deep each of the patient's imbalances is, and how
responsive it will be to the supplements and diet.  It is the first follow-up test that
gives you even more actionable information than the first testing did. 
(This is all explained in "What Nutri-Spec Will Do For You" that you
give each patient.) 

This is also why it is absolutely essential that the first follow-up is done
within 7 days at the most. 

If you want to think in terms of a time frame for the average patient, set you
sites on 3 weeks.  That is the average time it takes to break an imbalance.  The
best way to work with this time frame is:

Do your initial testing and start the patient on the indicated regimen. 
Schedule the first follow-up within a few days. 

On the follow-up make the adjustments needed to account for

imbalances that over-responded
imbalances that under-responded
imbalances that were hidden on the first test

Unless there was a major shake-up in objective test patterns and
symptoms, necessitating another follow-up within a few days (this is rare,
and is illustrated in a few of the Example Patients that came with your
manual), schedule the second follow-up in 3 weeks (which will have
been 3  - 4 weeks after the initial test).  

On the second follow-up your job is often finished.  Yes, finished. 
     You will be able to decrease supplementation significantly to just  
     the few needed to maintain a state of balance.  From here on you   
     will monitor your patient every 1,2 or 3 months, depending on 
     individual need.  You will find that you can usually continue 
     to decrease supplementation over time.  Occasionally you will 
     find a new imbalance surfacing that needs therapeutic  
     intervention.  (This is particularly true of women with imbalances    
     which manifest only at certain times of the hormonal cycle.)  

What is still the biggest and most common mistake  Nutri-Spec Doctors
make?  Even after my endless harping on the subject, they still fail to
schedule the first follow-up within a week.  Most typically, they schedule
the patient in a month.  The problems that usually derive from this
negligence are obvious:  

The initial regimen, (which was intended as a test only --- a major challenge to
the body chemistry of only a few days duration) ends up kicking the patient in
the teeth for 4 long weeks. 

Skipping the first follow-up means the Doctor never gets the essential
information from the initial clinical challenge.  

Since the average imbalance corrects after 3 weeks or less, letting the patient
go 4 weeks means that supplements are taken in excess of need, which is likely
to give a distorted clinical picture.  (In other words, the imbalance may have
been corrected, and you missed it -- and now you don't know where
things stand.) 

At 4 weeks, therefore, the Doctor sees a confusing set of test results associated
with some imbalances having been over-treated and some under-treated. 
So --  do you get the point?  With NUTRI-SPEC, science is on your side. 
Regarding your test procedures, you've got very specific procedures
which, if you follow them, will work beautifully for you.  And, regarding
Oxy B and Mighty Mins, the science is in the bottles, and in the
brochures -- use them. 




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