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Volume 8 Number 5

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
May, 1997

Dear Doctor,

     Your patients will view your efforts as nothing less
than ...

                          HEROIC ...

once you have begun to ...

                      WORK MIRACLES ...

on your patients with cardiovascular disease.  Your NUTRI-SPEC 
protocol for using the electrolyte stress imbalance analysis 
to ...


is so powerfully effective that you will leave patients and 
their families amazed at the results.

     With page one of your Quick Reference Guide you have the 
ability to determine within seconds not only the existence of 
CVD in a particular patient, but the specific causative 
factors in that particular individual.  Having identified that 
patient's specific needs you can recommend precisely the 
nutrition supplements they need to lower blood pressure and/or 
decrease atherosclerosis and/or improve peripheral circulation 
and/or increase the strength of the myocardium.

     When your patient's blood pressure comes down to the 
point where they can begin to eliminate medication which they 
were told they needed for a lifetime; or when your patient's 
vertigo vanishes; or when your patient with crippling claudi- 
cation can now go to the park and play with his grandchildren; 
or when the cardiac arrhythmia that has terrified the patient 
for years disappears within eight weeks -- what kind of 
reaction do you expect from this patient?  Not only will they
                            - 2 -

be overjoyed in celebrating your heroism, but they will refer 
and refer and refer more and more and more patients who need 
your NUTRI-SPEC approach to cardiovascular disease.

     We set out last month to give you detailed information on 
all the exciting improvements in your NUTRI-SPEC arsenal for 
combating Electrolyte Stress Imbalance and the cardiovascular- 
renal disease that results from this imbalance.  There is so 
much to say about these supplements that we didn't even cover 
half the ingredients in the first supplement on your list -- 
the amazing Formula ES.

     Formula ES has been a long, long time coming, and finally 
you've got it -- probably the single most valuable therapeutic 
agent in reversing the pathological processes underlying CVD.  
We gave you last month the amazing story of chondroitin 
sulfate and how it restores the lost electronegativity of the 
body fluids and arterial intima, thus reversing the most 
significant consequence of an Electrolyte Stress Imbalance.  
We also talked about the second ingredient in Formula ES -- 
bromelain -- and how its protelytic action potentiates the 
chelating effect of chondroitin sulfate.

     Remember now, we are still talking about the ingredients 
of one single product in your long list of supplements that 
you can use to reverse this life threatening metabolic 
imbalance.  We have three more nutrients to cover in this 
product alone -- L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q-10, and Magnesium 

     Let us consider first magnesium aspartate.  We could go 
on for probably ten or more pages highlighting the amazing 
protective effects of magnesium on the cardiovascular system.  
In order to give you the essential information as concisely as 
possible we will just list the highlights with minimal 

1.  Magnesium deficiency has been clearly identified as an 
independent risk factor for ischemic heart disease.

2.  Repletion of magnesium can correct hypokalemia.  This is 
particularly significant in those patients taking medications 
such as diuretics that deplete their potassium.

3.  Magnesium supplementation reduces both ventricular and 
supra ventricular arrhythmias.

4.  Magnesium is a calcium antagonist -- thus reversing the 
sympathetic (excess catecholamine) component of CVD and 
providing the same effect naturally that the dangerous calcium 
blockers are designed to provide pharmacologically.
                            - 3 -

5.  Magnesium is a vaso dilator for the coronary arteries and 
for the peripheral systemic arteries.  Magnesium reduces 
catecholamine secretion (the sympathetic component).

6.  Magnesium inhibits platelet aggregation; it decreases 
platelet deposition and microthrombi formation.

7.  Magnesium reduces the synthesis and release of thromboxane 
A2, a cyclooxygenase bioproduct, as well as 12-HETE, a 
lipoxygenase product.

8.  Magnesium increases prostacyclin synthesis.

9.  Magnesium increases high density lipo protein levels.

10. Magnesium clears excess lipids, both cholesterol and 

11. Magnesium is essential for proper myocardial contraction.

     Now -- do you want to put all these amazing benefits of 
magnesium to work for you and your patients most effectively?  
Then, take your magnesium ion and combine it with aspartic 
acid.  With magnesium in aspartate form we are drawing once 
again on the phenomenal work of the famous German doctor Hans 
Nieper.  He found that aspartic acid was an extremely 
effective carrier of magnesium (as well as certain other 
mineral elements).  When combined as aspartate, the magnesium 
is carried most effectively directly into the intracellular 
sites of biological activity.  (Sidenote:  you will find 
magnesium aspartate in several of your other NUTRI-SPEC 
supplements -- Oxy B, Oxy A, and Oxy K.)

     L-Carnitine, the fourth of the five ingredients in 
Formula ES, is another ten page story that we'll reduce to a 
concise list of high points:

1.   Carnitine improves fat metabolism in the heart (and other 
organs and tissues).

2.   Carnitine reduces triglycerides and cholesterol; it 
significantly increases high density lipoproteins.

3.  Carnitine improves heart muscle exercise tolerance.

4.  Carnitine prevents cardiac arrhythmias, including the 
occurrence of ventricular fibrillation in the early phases of 

5.  Carnitine prevents angina.

                            - 4 -

6.  Carnitine is a vaso dilator of coronary blood vessels (and 
lowers blood pressure).

7.  Carnitine is essential for the transport of long chain 
fatty acids into the mitrochondria:  thus carnitine depletion 
causes intracellular lipid accumulation.

8.  Carnitine (because of its effect in supplying fatty acids 
to the heart muscle) is valuable in the prevention of chronic 
heart failure.

     Our final Formula ES ingredient, Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ), is 
an essential component of the mitochondrial electron transport 
chain, which is the fundamental unit for energy production in 
our cells.  In addition to being essential for generating 
energy, CoQ is an important antioxidant.  The heart, with its 
high energy requirements, is especially rich in CoQ.

1.  CoQ deficiency is a significant part of myocardial 

2.  CoQ improves cardiac response to exercise.

3.  End stage heart failure patients who supplement with CoQ 
have a 40% survival rate compared to a 10% survival rate 
without CoQ.

4.  CoQ lowers blood pressure.

5.  CoQ reduces angina.

6.  Co Q prevents arrythmias.

     Are you beginning to appreciate the power you have to 
stop the progression of CVD, and in fact to reverse it in many 
cases?  Remember, all the benefits that you can offer your CVD 
patients that we have discussed to this point come from only 
one product -- your Formula ES.  Now, consider the rest of 
your protocol for Electrolyte Stress Imbalance.

     Di-potassium phosphate and potassium citrate are your 
dispersing agents.  These trivalent anions combined with 
potassium function to disperse and help maintain electro- 
negativity of the body fluids, while at the same time they 
help the kidneys eliminate excess sodium.

     Taurine is another powerful therapeutic agent at your 
disposal for your electrolyte stress patients.  It is 
interesting to note that a form of heart disease that was the
leading cause of death among cats was eliminated entirely as 
soon as they began supplementing all cat food with taurine.
                            - 5 -

1.  Taurine is an amino acid-like substance containing a 
negative valence sulfur functional group.  It is therefore 
anti-anaerobic in its metabolic effect, and reverses the 
anaerobic component of cardiovascular disease.

2.  Taurine is also anti-sympathetic in reversing the adverse 
effects on cardiovascular disease of excess catecholamines.

3.  Taurine also reverses the damage done by excess insulin 
levels in your ketogenic patients with cardiovascular disease.  
There are studies estimating that perhaps in excess of 60% of 
all cardiovascular disease is associated with poor 
carbohydrate tolerance along with the associated excess 
insulin levels.

4.  Taurine parallels magnesium in its role of reversing 
electrolyte stress.

5.  Taurine antagonizes the central action of excess 
angiotensin II.  It thus lowers the blood pressure while at 
the same time reducing excess sympathetic activity.

6.  Along with decreasing blood pressure, taurine protects the 
heart against excess calcium binding.

7.  Taurine prevents cardiac arrhythmias.

8.  Taurine reduces excess vaso constriction.

9.  Taurine decreases the incidence of strokes.

10. Taurine lowers cholesterol.

11. Taurine possesses anti-thrombotic properties.

12. Taurine prevents angina.

     Histidine is the most effective naturally occurring 
singlet oxygen scavenger.  That makes it probably the most 
important antioxidant found in our diets.  This antioxidant 
activity of histidine has a specific protective effect on the 
arterial intima of your electrolyte stress patients.  
Histidine is a vaso dilator and thus decreases blood pressure.  
Studies have also shown that histidine decrease angina pain.

     You will notice that you do not routinely use histidine 
for all your electrolyte stress patients.  The reason is
because histidine is powerfully anti-dysaerobic.  You do not 
want to exacerbate an anaerobic imbalance in those patients 
for whom the electrolyte stress imbalance has a major 
anaerobic component.
                            - 6 -

     Your next consideration for your electrolyte stress 
patients is supplementation with Oxygenic A-Plus.  The 
magnesium plus negative valence sulfur in Oxy A-Plus not only 
favorably impacts the membrane permeability and tissue pH and 
electronegativity of your electrolyte stress patients who have 
a strong anaerobic component to their problem -- but Oxy 
A-Plus also, as shown by Rivici, protects against the 
atherosclerosis that comes from excess dietary intake of 

     Magnesium chloride is invaluable for some of your 
electrolyte stress patients.  Many of these patients vacillate 
between a potassium depletion alkalosis and a respiratory 
acidosis.  They will not necessarily show one of those two 
acid/alkaline imbalances on page 5 of your Quick Reference 
Guide.  However, their homeostatic balance is constantly being 
compromised by the shift between these acid and alkaline 

     The potassium depletion alkalosis is one of the common 
causes of electrolyte stress; respiratory acidosis is one of 
the common effects of the high blood pressure associated with 
electrolyte stress.  These people who need magnesium chloride 
are those in whom excess adrenal cortisol is contributing to 
their potassium depletion alkalosis, and thus their 
electrolyte stress imbalance.

     Finally, Phos Drops are essential for those patients who 
are resistant to correction of a potassium depletion alkalosis 
associated with excess cortisol.  The Phos Drops will restore 
normal pH while at the same time the acidity of the supplement 
acts as a dispersing agent helping thin the blood of Rouleaux 
formation and other flocculation of the body fluids that have 
lost their electronegativity as a result of excess electrolyte 



                        Guy R. Schenker, D.C.


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