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Volume 9 Number 1

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
January, 1998

Dear Doctor,

     You have seen the drama I call ...

                 "THE TRACE MINERAL TRAGEDY"

being played out in homes everywhere.

     Act One, Scene One opens with the birth of a healthy baby 
to an apparently healthy mother.  But as the scene unfolds we 
see that Mom will never be the same again.  She becomes obese; 
or some of her hair falls out; or she starts to lose her 
teeth; or she loses her sex drive; or she begins to suffer 
from depression.

     What happened?

     The mother's trace minerals were depleted as she pumped 
the last of her reserves into the developing baby during 
pregnancy.  The downward spiral in her physical and mental 
health which follows is associated with a chain reaction of 
biochemical and endocrine imbalances which are initiated 
principally by the loss of trace minerals.

     In Scene Two we get our first close look at the new baby 
during its first year of life.  Everything seems OK -- baby 
cries a little more than Mom would like; baby is bothered by a 
little too many skin rashes; and baby has a snotty nose a 
little too often.  All-in-all we see a "normal" infancy.

     One scene follows another during the course of childhood 
development.  The child learns to walk, talk, play, and think.  
We see the child go off to school; and we see the child 
involved in extracurricular activities.  This has been a 
typical childhood in every way.  Though there was the constant  
suffering with ear infections in the early years, they seemed 
to let up over time.  The chronic allergies were a big 
problem, but everyone learned to deal with them.  The
                            - 2 -

child never really did like school that much (although the 
grades were fine); and the behavioral problems were a 
continual  challenge -- but the family got by.  In short, 
there were no problems that you would not expect to find in 
any "normal" child.

    Act Two, Scene One depicts the dramatic onset of puberty.  
Our "normal" child has transformed into a ("normal") 
adolescent monster.  Meanwhile, Mom is on the verge of either 
breaking down or dropping out.  The tragedy intensifies from 
here and everyone lives (not atypically) semi-miserably ever 

     What happened?

     At age 3-6 months the child began to exhaust its supply 
of trace minerals which had been leeched out of mom during 
gestation.  The life-long marginal trace mineral status was 
compounded by the absence of the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet 
during the crucial years of body and mind development.

     You, as a nutrition professional, need be keenly aware of 
how significant this trace mineral tragedy is.  Trace minerals 
are our greatest nutritional liability.  On one hand they are 
absolutely critical to so many enzyme functions in so many 
biochemical systems in our bodies -- and on the other, they 
are the nutrients most difficult to come by in modern diets.

     Why are there inadequate trace minerals in our foods?  
Because modern agriculture long ago depleted our soils of 
trace minerals.  Since there are inadequate trace minerals in 
our soils, it follows that there are inadequate levels in the 
foods grown on those soils.  No matter how particular a person 
is to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and unrefined grains the 
battle against trace mineral deficiencies will be lost.


     It is interesting to note that the agricultural industry 
has long recognized the essentiality of trace minerals, while 
the human health care establishment has missed the boat 
entirely.  For more than 60 years there has not been a cow or 
fowl whose feed is not supplemented with trace minerals from 
the day it is born until the day it is slaughtered.  That is 
why meat, fish, poultry, and eggs are the only source of trace 
minerals in our diet.  These animals (like us) have eaten 
trace mineral depleted foods, but have been spared the 
devastating effects of deficiencies with the judicious use of 

                            - 3 -

     Can anything be done to turn this trace mineral tragedy 
into a happy-ever-after story?  Yes!


     Now you have available to you the best childrens' 
chewable multiple found anywhere.

     With Mighty Mins you can begin meeting the trace mineral 
needs of every child you can get your hands on -- with 
supplementation beginning as early as age six months.  
Starting today every child you know should be put on Mighty 
Mins and continue taking Mighty Mins up until the age they are 
ready to switch over to Oxygenic B.

     Mighty Mins is truly an extraordinary supplement.  It 
contains the full compliment of nutritionally essential trace 
minerals.  Included among these is chromium in polynicotinate 
form for its beneficial effects on blood and brain sugar 
regulation.  You will not find a childrens' supplement 
anywhere with trace minerals in these quantities and in these 
perfect proportions.

     As priceless as they are, these trace minerals are not 
the only outstanding feature of Mighty Mins.  Mighty Mins also 
gives each child a complete assortment of vitamins and macro 
minerals in their most bio-available and bio-active forms.  
Like Oxy B, Mighty Mins offers the B-vitamins in their 
biologically active co-enzyme form.  It also offers ascorbyl 
palmitate, the fat-soluble form of vitamin C for maximum 
retention and bio-activity.  Mighty Mins also contains the 
powerful bioflavenoid antioxidants Quercetin and Rutin.

    If you look closely at the Mighty Mins label you will find 
that while the vitamins are offered in their most active form, 
they are present in perhaps smaller quantities than you might 
expect.  This is quite intentional.  If we carefully follow 
the plot of the trace mineral tragedy we find a surprising 
turn of events -- the devastating consequences of trace 
mineral depletion are exacerbated by excess vitamin intake.

     Vitamin C and the B vitamins are the culprits. If you 
have read your NUTRI-SPEC manual, "An Analytical System of 
Clinical Nutrition" in any detail you have encountered many 
instances in which the antagonism between vitamins and trace 
minerals is described.  Vitamin C is particularly harmful.  
You and your patients must understand that Vitamin C (ascorbic 
acid) cannot be eliminated via the kidneys without first being 
combined with a mineral or trace mineral.  So, in other words, 
every molecule of excess vitamin C that is dumped into
a person's urine has to carry with it a magnesium or a
                            - 4 -

potassium or a zinc or a copper.  Vitamin C is particularly 
antagonistic to the trace mineral copper.  In fact, excess 
vitamin C can be associated with a copper deficiency severe 
enough to weaken the heart, to elevate cholesterol levels, and 
to weaken the vasculature such that aneurysms are easily 
formed in the brain or the aorta.  (So much for the idiotic 
health food industry mentality that promotes taking large 
doses of Vitamin C because the excess can be "harmlessly" 
eliminated in the urine.)  It has also been clearly 
demonstrated that enrichment of foods with B vitamins only 
(using no trace elements) drastically increases the excretion 
of trace minerals from the body.  One study also correlated 
this vitamin supplementation using no trace minerals with an 
adverse effect on athletic performance.

     Now apply this information about vitamin and trace 
mineral antagonism to the typical child's diet.  Think of all 
the breakfast cereals "enriched" with C and B vitamins.  Think 
of all the bread and other bakery goods "enriched" with B 
vitamins.  Think of all the sugary beverages "enriched" with 
vitamin C.  It is highly unlikely that you know a single child 
that is suffering from a primary deficiency of C and B 
vitamins.  The truth is, your typical child consumes more than 
enough vitamins to further deplete their already low trace 
mineral reserves.

     Now consider the conscientious mom who wants the very 
best for her children and who thus supplements their diet with 
one of the name brand multiple vitamins for children.  It is 
no exaggeration to state that ...


     I have referred to these multiples for children as a 
"Trojan Horse" gaining entrance to their unsuspecting bodies 
with the promise of health, growth, and strength -- yet 
actually having an entirely destructive influence.  The most 
nutritionally vulnerable people in the world (with the 
possible exception of pregnant women) are children.

     With Mighty Mins you can finally offer a truly enriching 
supplement to your child patients and to all your adult 
patients for their children.  Think of it -- most children you 
know are much less physically, mentally, and emotionally than 
they could be.  Furthermore, it is during the years of 
childhood nutritional deprivation that the seeds are sewn for 
the chronic diseases of adulthood such as heart disease, 
arthritis, etc.  Wouldn't it be satisfying to know that every 
child that has been touched by your influence is developing to 
their qualitative maximum?
                            - 5 -

     While on the subject of children we should comment on the 
applicability of NUTRI-SPEC testing to children.  To really 
maximize the potential of all our children we would like to 
see each child checked for metabolic imbalances at least once 
every year.  Of course, children who are in less than ideal 
health should be tested immediately, put on the proper 
NUTRI-SPEC regimen, and monitored with follow-up testing until 
their imbalances are resolved.

     The NUTRI-SPEC test procedures for children are identical 
to the tests you perform on your adult patients.  The 
evaluation of a child's test results using your Quick 
Reference Guide (QRG) is identical for all five of the 
fundamental metabolic balances except electrolyte 
insufficiency.  In other words, for QRG evaluation of a 
child's test results for anaerobic/dysaerobic imbalance, 
glucogenic/ketogenic imbalance, sympathetic/parasympathetic 
imbalance, or acid/alkaline imbalance you need not even know 
that you are dealing with a child.  For electrolyte 
insufficiency, however, you must realize that a normal child's 
pulse is faster than that of an adult and a normal child's 
blood pressure is lower than that of an adult.  Thus, if you 
follow the letter of the QRG for electrolyte insufficiency 
analysis, most children will show an electrolyte insufficiency 
pattern.  So, simply delete electrolyte insufficiency 
imbalance from your consideration with children.                

     There is an age below which you cannot obtain breath hold 
time on children; and there is an age below which you cannot 
obtain orthostatic blood pressure changes nor even a urine 
sample.  In those children you will just recommend Mighty 
Mins, plus the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet, plus occasionally 
take an educated guess and offer additional supplements as a 
clinical trial.  Usually with these younger children the 
supplements you use will be limited to Oxy A+, Oxy D+, Phos 
Drops, baking soda, electrolytes, and/or amino acids.

     You would be wise to reach out to as many children as you 
possibly can with your NUTRI-SPEC testing system.  But 
regardless of whether or not you are going to do extensive 
testing on children, please do fully utilize Mighty Mins in 
your practice.  Make it known to all your patients that Mighty
Mins is available for their children or grandchildren.  Post
an announcement in your waiting room and at your front desk.  
The majority of your patients with children are already 
supplementing them with harmful garbage.  Educate them on the 
contents of this Letter.  Photo copy and distribute this 
Letter if you like.  If these people are happily supplementing 
their children anyway -- they will be delighted to have 
nutrients of this quality for their childrens' benefit.
                            - 6 -

     In the chapter in your "Analytical System of Clinical 
Nutrition" dealing with the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet we 
close with a comment to the effect that IF, STARTING TODAY, 

     You have hundreds of children in hundreds of families 
under your sphere of influence who could be enriched for a 
life-time by getting them on Mighty Mins today.


                               Guy R. Schenker, D.C.

P.S:  We almost neglected to answer one very important 
question that many of you are concerned about -- what did we 
use to flavor the Mighty Mins?  Recognizing that the best 
combination of nutrients in the world is utterly useless if 
you can't get the child to swallow it -- we considered 
very carefully our options for flavoring.  We were comitted to 
using nothing but natural ingredients.  The best flavor 
combination we came up with consists of fruit juice cystals 
and other natural flavors.  There is also a small amount of 
natural sugar (sorry we goofed up the label on this) -- about 
as much as you find in a couple of grapes plus a spoonful of 
corn.  We can assure you that when taken after a meal that 
includes even close to adequate protein and fat this little 
bit of sugar will be harmless to even your most glucogenic and 
parasympathetic children.

PPS:  What do you do when a mother challenges you with, "Why 
should I pay 14 bucks for Mighty Mins when I can give my 
children Flintstones vitamins for much less?"

Your answer is, "That is a good question, and all you need do 
to answer it for yourself is compare the labels.  You will 
find that popular childrens chewables contain almost nothing, 
and what they do contain is worse than nothing."  Feel free to 
print up copies of this Letter or excerpts from this Letter to 
give to your patients if you think it will be helpful.


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